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Education for Children Who Deserve a Better Chance
The Cambodian Village Fund is a small, non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children in Cambodia. The Fund was started by Bill and Nancy Bamberger in 2006 to buy bicycles for children who needed transportation to get to school. The Fund has focused on Kaun Khlong, a rural village near Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia. We have built a new classroom building for the Kaun Khlong Primary School.

We are also providing financial assistance to help middle and high school girls stay in school. Our current project is to provide clean drinking water to every family in the village.
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Eye Clinic

Our friend, Denise McMahon, partnered with SEVA Foundation, an NGO that delivers eye care to third world countries. All the children and teachers in our Primary School were given eye tests and older villagers were examined for cataracts and other eye problems. For those who required glasses or treatment, the services were free. All families from the villages of Kaun Khlong and Prey Damrey were screened. Click here to read more about the eye clinic.

Clean Drinking Water Project

One of our current projects is to provide clean drinking water to every family in the villages of Kaun Khlong (411 families) and Prey Damrey (420 families). When we were in Cambodia in January 2013, we completed the distribution of ceramic water filters to each family in the two villages. The filters are made in Cambodia and have been thoroughly tested by International Development Enterprises, the non profit organization that developed the technology. The filters will save families money and time because the families will no longer have to boil water. We will monitor how well the filters work in Kaun Khlong to ensure that they are easy to use, don't break and provide sufficient water. If all goes well, our next step we will be to expand the distribution of filters to other nearby villages..

Clean drinking water project

Clean Water Project provides safe drinking water

Reach for the Sky--Scholarships for Girls

The Cambodian Village Fund is helping girls continue their education beyond primary school. We provide funding for transportation, school uniforms and other necessities. We currently support twelve girls in middle school and high school, and five in college. Less than half of the girls in rural Cambodia go beyond the 6th grade, but with just a little financial help, girls can complete high school and even continue on to college. Our girls are selected based on financial need as well as their ability to succeed in school. Click here to see how you can sponsor a girl.

Reach for the Sky
Helping girls continue their education

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