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A New Classroom Building

Our current challenge is to build a new classroom building for the Kaun Khlong Primary School. The first 5-room building was finished in September 2011.

The temple that is adjacent to the school donated the land for the new building. In July 2009 we financed a project to prepare the land for the new classroom. This involved moving fill from a pit (which was developed into a pond) to the school site. The pond is now used by the villagers for drinking water, laundry, and raising fish. This project cost $4419. We received a nice letter from the School Principal and Commune Chief thanking us for funding the project.

Village and school officials held a series of meetings to determine the specifications for the new building:

  • 9 classrooms
  • 1 library
  • 1 bathroom
  • Cost--$100,000

The first 5-classroom building is complete, thanks to 205 generous contributors and an interest-free loan from our dear friend, Katy Guard.

Video of School To see a short video of the school site preparation, click here.

Kaun Khlong Primary School's new 5-classroom building
More photos of the new classroom building

The Finished Classroom, September 25, 2011Kaun Khlong Primary School
Architectural Rendering of School

Click here to download a PDF file with architectural drawings.

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