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Education for Children Who Deserve a Better Chance
The goal of the fund is to support children in rural Cambodia by providing improved living conditions and educational opportunities. We support the Kaun Khlong Primary School with the construction of new buildings, providing school supplies and English classes. We are also helping girls continue their education beyond primary school. All projects benefit from a strong Cambodian connection and direct input from the village. Not only do our advisors tell us what the village needs, but they also follow through on the purchases, carefully shopping to find the best prices.
Fund Advisors
Our Cambodian Advisors – Chanra, Man Seourn and Mao
Current Projects

Clean Drinking Water

In May 2012 we launched our Clean Drinking Water project, intended to provide each family in two rural villages with filters to purify the water that they drink. Most families get water from wells and large containers with water collected during the rainy season. The well water is contaminated with bacteria. There are many cases of dysentery and children going to school sick or missing school. Many families boil water, but this is time-consuming and expensive. Boiling water requires gathering wood and heating the water on an open fire. This is can be dangerous for little children who sometimes get burned by the fire or scalded by the water. The water filters produce safe drinking water without boiling.

The ceramic filters were developed by International Development Enterprises, a non-profit organization. They have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they produce safe drinking water that meets World Health Organization standards. The filters are made in Cambodia. We have distributed the filters to 820 families in the villages of Kaun Khlong and Prey Damrey. Click here to see photos of the project kick off meeting.

Ceramic Water Filters
Ceramic Water Filters
Water Project Trial
Families Receiving Filters

A Tuk-Tuk for the Village

The group that traveled to Cambodia last January asked the village if they needed medical facilities such as a clinic. Instead of a clinic the people in the village suggested a tuk-tuk (motorcycle taxi). A tuk-tuk could be used to take poor patients, children and pregnant women to district and provincial health centers. Most people in the village don't have cars or motorbikes, and don't even have money to rent a vehicle or hire a taxi. Poor people sometimes borrow money from neighbors or a credit agent to pay for a ride. At night, even if money is available, it is very difficult to find a vehicle for hire. Patients have died because of a lack of transportation to a hospital.

So we decided to buy the village a tuk-tuk, compliments fo the 2013 travel group.

Art Exchange
The Village's New Tukl-Tuk

Construction of a Classroom Building

The highest priority for the people in the Village of Kaun Khlong is a 10-room building for the primary school. We have completed construction of the first 5-classrooms and plan to build a second building with a bathroom, library and 3 classrooms when we have sufficient funding.

Plans for the 2nd building

Reach for the Sky--Helping Girls Continue Their Education

We are helping children continue their education beyond 6th grade. Only 47% of girls from the Kaun Khlong Primary School go on to Middle School. The Soroptomists of La Jolla provided funds to get our "Reach for the Sky" program started. With additional funds from Ginger Allen and several other sponsors, we now have 13 girls "reaching for the sky." Click here to learn more about the Reach for the Sky program.

Nine of Our Reach for the Sky girls
Completed Projects

Art Exchange

Several mothers at The Bishop's School in San Diego organized an art exchange between the 6th grade students at Bishop's and the 6th graders at Kaun Khlong Primary School. The Cambodian students sent pictures that they did as part of the art exchange. The Bishop's students and their parents prepared packets of art supplies for each Cambodian student, including a sketch pad (with original art by one of the Bishop's students), a box of colored pencils, a small white board, and a dry erase marker. We gave the art supplies to the students in Kaun Khlong when we were at the school in January. Liz Siskowic, who was traveling with us and is an art teacher, conducted an art class for the Cambodian 6th graders.

Art Exchange
Nancy with Bishop's students

Rebuilding the Road to the School

We have completed a project to rebuild the road to the Primary School so the kids don't have to wade through knee-deep water during the rainy season. Click here to see photos of the project.

Rebuilding the Road
Rebuilding the road to the school

Construction of a Classroom Building

We have completed construction of a 5-classroom building for the Kaun Khlong Primary School. The building was finished in the fall of 2011. The new building gives the children a safer environment and more room to learn. Click here for more information.

The first new classroom building

Playground Equipment for Kaun Khlong Primary School

In May, our friend, Ginger Allen, organized an "Olympathon" at Skyline Elementary School in Solana Beach. About 50 children participated to raise money for our school. With the money we purchased a variety of sports and playground equipment, including a swing, slide, soccer and volleyball equipment, hula hoops and jump ropes. See more photos on our web album.

School Uniforms

In January 2008 we distributed packages to each of the 720 school children in the Kaun Khlong primary school. Each child received a school shirt, flip flops, a notebook and a pen. Click here to learn more.

Bicycles, Food and Supplies

In October 2006 the fund purchased bicycles, food and blankets for 10 families in the Village. Click here to learn more.

Man Seourn

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